Travel plans: 5 months until we leave – An Important Update

Travel Plans: 5 Months To Go Update

Regular readers, friends and subscribers are probably wondering what’s been going on as it’s been absolutely silent on Life Begins With Travel for over two weeks now. It was not meant to be this way. A lot has happened but our travel plans have not changed.

Today, May 25th 2017 is exactly 5 months (153 days) until we leave the UK with a one way ticket to Thailand and will be travelling for as long as possible. Despite everything that’s happened recently, which I will explain in more depth, our travel plans have not changed. They’re set in stone and we’re still both very excited about our upcoming adventures.

So, what happened?!

Urgh, two major things happened since the last post. First, I had surgery – it was fairly minor but I did need some recovery time which overlapped with incident #2. I then became extremely ill and suffered a huge amount of pain, completely unrelated to the surgery.

So, I had a minor operation on my hand to treat an old injury which never really healed properly; it caused me pain, discomfort and a limited range of motion. This operation was exactly 2 weeks ago and it still hasn’t healed 100%, the scar is still swollen but it should be back to normal within the next 4-6 weeks (I hope).

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A few days after the surgery, I become really, really suddenly unwell. I had severe and sudden pain in my ear, jaw, teeth and neck down the right side of my face. My doctor is investigating whether I have a neurological condition called trigeminal neuralgia and I’m taking some pretty hardcore painkillers, specifically for neurological pain. After a long week, the pain has subsided to a tolerable level. I hope it never returns.

That’s enough of that – it’s quite painful just thinking about this. I am not going to let this change our plans, even though it felt pretty hopeless at 4am the other day when I was rocking and screaming in the absolute worst pain I’ve ever felt, ever.

How are the travel plans going?

To be honest, very little has changed in terms of planning or booking anything due to the personal trauma of the last few weeks. If you read our ‘6 months to go’ update last month, you’ll know that we’re leaving on the 25th October and we have a one way ticket.

Nothing else has changed! We still have that one way ticket and we’re still leaving in October! It’s a good thing we haven’t booked anything beyond this because we keep changing our damn minds all the time. Besides booking onward journeys as required by certain countries, we’ll most likely book our next destination(s) whilst we’re on the go.

We hope to visit Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. We have no time-limit on when we need to return, so let’s hope we can visit them all!

The current situation

One thing which is drawing closer and closer is our moving-out date of our current home (we’ll be living with family for a couple of months before we head off – it’s difficult to justify paying rent for any longer than we have to!)

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It’s about 7 weeks now until we’ll have packed up and left this place we’ve lived for 5 years now, most of our large items which we don’t want to get rid of will go into storage.

We’ve reduced our unnecessary possessions by a lot. There’s a pile of unwanted clutter tucked away in a corner which has gradually been getting smaller and smaller over the last month. Most of it has been donated to charity, some items we were able to sell locally, on Gumtree or eBay.

I had a massive rant about eBay recently, I’ve since decided I won’t be selling on their platform again. It’s just not worth it. I’m not going to rant too much here; they don’t do enough to protect sellers from fraudulent buyers – that’s all I’m saying.

Saving money

Saving money isn’t too difficult when you’ve been seriously ill and unable to go outside. Both Alex and I are well on track towards our savings goals and we’re more motivated than ever.

We’ve made a decision to not spend all our savings on travel, which was what we pretty much intended to do when we first decided to travel. Upon reflection, this was a silly, irresponsible idea. We’re keeping back a large amount for if/when we return to the UK and need to get settled again.

I suppose being so unwell has made me appreciate how important it is to have a comfortable home which is close to friends and family.

So, what’s next?

We have so much to do! This month has been a setback but it’s all going to be OK. Here are just a few things which are on our to-do list for the next few months:

  • Make appointment at Travel Vaccination Clinic
  • Book onward ticket out of Thailand
  • Move house and everything that goes with that
  • Continue to build an audience for Life Begins With Travel

So, that’s it for this monthly update! It’s been a very mixed update this month but time is certainly moving very fast. Here in the UK, it seems to be summer all of a sudden and I’ve got so much work to catch up with.

Update October 2017: Since writing this, our plans have changed. For various reasons, this didn’t happen. Find out why here.

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  • Great! Nothing will stop you. Some people chicken out, but not you. Congrats.
    Just remember to be vigilant, there is so much turmoil everywhere. Keep your eyes open, and stay up to date with the news.
    About things — you discover that things which were important while you were home, are no longer in the “essential” category. Don’t be afraid to really, really downsize; when you get back from the world, you’ll be so different, the same things won’t apply.
    I’ve been around the globe 1+ times, and I still love it, and I congratulate you.

    • Hi Elina, this is such a love comment – thank you so much! I haven’t had a great day and this has really made me smile. I’m extremely looking forward to this adventure x

  • OH, I hope you are healing well with your hand. Was it your writing hand? Best of luck with your trip in 5 months!

    • Hi Priscilla, fortunately no – it wasn’t my writing hand! It’s healing very wel 🙂 Thank you for your comment!

  • I hope your hand heals and all works out! Best of luck with everything. Keep positive and it will all work out!

  • I love the sense of freedom I get from this post! A one way ticket with no schedule for return? That sounds fun and scary!
    So sorry to hear you’ve had to endure surgery! Fingers crossed for a quick recovery!

  • I hope you get well soon! I love reading your posts, Tamsin!