Travel plan update and explanation for the silence

Time to explain - Travel Plan Update

If you’ve been following this blog since it launched in March 2017, you may be wondering why there have been almost 3 months of complete and utter silence.

Well, I definitely owe everyone an explanation.

Considering that many of my readers are friends, or people who I know personally, and I know I haven’t seen everyone or had the chance to give everyone an update on our plans.

This time last year, Alex and I decided that we’d had enough with life in the UK, after working solidly since we left school, and we decided to make some plans to travel for at least a year.

During the time between that decision and right now, a lot has changed.

Travel Plan Update - Cardiff Sky

The view from my bedroom window in Cardiff

Basically, in May of this year, I had surgery on my hand that took much longer to heal that it should have, and it put me out of action work-wise for a few weeks.

During the recovery, I developed symptoms which were completely unrelated to the operation, my hand or its healing process.

Without going into too much detail, I experienced an extreme amount of pain for several weeks, which turned out to be a chronic/long-term condition, that might not ever go away.

That was really shitty.

Since then, things have improved (pain-wise) and I haven’t experienced the same level of pain than the initial attack of it, but I definitely haven’t been the same since then.

During the time I was so ill and in so much pain, travel no longer felt exciting. Instead, it suddenly felt a bit scary.

What if I was in this much pain whilst travelling?

Severe pain is frightening, and enough to induce extreme anxiety as to when it will happen again.

I kept picturing myself, so far away from home and feeling the same amount of pain, and wondering how I would deal with it.

Travel Plan Update - Selfie Portuguese Road Trip

A quick selfie whilst exploring Portugal

I came to the conclusion that there was no way I would be able to deal with that.
Although the pain level has been much lower, it hasn’t completely gone away.

Amidst all the medication, time off work, treatment, trying to feel normal, etc; time was going on. Time was going on really fucking fast.

It was only by mid-September (three months after being ill) that I started to feel better, more like myself, and that long-term travel would actually be possible, again.

FFS, time

But, it suddenly dawned on me that my flight was 23 days away. I needed to give 4 weeks’ notice to my job, I needed vaccinations, I needed time which I didn’t have in order to make arrangements I hadn’t yet made.


Well, there were three options at this point:

  1. Not go at all
  2. Go, but book a return flight

So, we booked a return flight and we are leaving for Thailand in 3 days. Our trip will be just 27 days long. We have booked another big adventure in for early 2018 which gives us a bit more time to put things back together.

What does this mean for Life Begins With Travel?

Life Begins With Travel

Life Begins With Travel

Well, alongside everything that has been going on in my personal life. This website has gained a lot of traffic, a moderate number of subscribers, and a lot of comments and messages from some very lovely people. I’m surprised at its success considering the lack of practical content (so far…)

Blogger Recognition & Liebster

Life Begins With Travel even got these traffic boosting recognitions from other lovely people in the travel blogging world!

Despite mine and Alex’s initial trip is going to be a lot shorter than we originally planned, that doesn’t mean that will be it. Alex and I have a lot more planned, we saved our money for a very long time without any real idea of what we were going to do with it.

We still have our savings, and we still have our ideas.

I still plan on writing posts and content to document our travels here, and I still plan for this page to earn us an income (it actually already does, albeit very small!)

Please don’t lose faith in us – this setback isn’t going to completely ruin our plans.

One comment

  • My father used to say “Success is NOT how far you get, its about how many obstacles you have overcome!”. Just wanted to say, this is a life lesson – so well done to you both on working round this obstacle. xx