Travel goals – where should we go?

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Where are we going on our long-term adventures? When you’re planning for long-term travel, it’s better to set travel goals instead of planning too much – especially if you want to go everywhere, like we do!

This is not a ‘bucket list’. This is about travel goals – rather than just reeling off a list of destinations that look pretty, this list is about creating meaningful experiences.

It should go without saying that this is not a complete list of every single place of where we want to travel – far from it. These are the places and things which are at the front of our minds and therefore at the forefront of our plans, at this moment.

Our plans may change or we may even skip the plan entirely… just go and see where we end up. Who knows?

If you’re new here then you should catch up with our first post about our plans for travelling as much as possible, this blog and the future.

Here are 10 of our current travel goals, which may well change in the future:

Side note: In an ideal world, this post would have more photos of the things on this list.

However, we’ve decided to not use many stock photos here because they’re overused and inauthentic.

We mainly want to only use our own photographs on this blog. When these goals are complete, we will go back in to add our own photos – how about that?

1. Explore South East Asia

This is the first of our travel goals and the first place we’ll be visiting later this year. This includes Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines and Singapore.

South East Asia is a traveller’s dream, and a starting point for many people, us included. The cost of living is a lot less than in the UK. It’s also a tropical paradise, has several large, diverse cities and a rich history of incredible culture. Also temples, tourists and travellers absolutely love temples.

Despite many of these more popular routes, We’m hoping to visit somewhere far away from the main towns and destinations. We would love your little-known recommendations for South East Asia so please leave a comment if you have any tips on where to go!

Feeling free

How the thought of travelling makes me feel! Free!

2. Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal

Only recently discovering how affordable and accessible the minimum-12-day trek to Everest Base Camp is, We’ve decided to make it a mission to complete the trek as part of our long-term travel adventures over the next couple of years.

One of my favourite travel vloggers on YouTube, Lindsay, posted some excellent videos about her trek to Base Camp, which just made us want to go even more.

3. Road trip across America

Always wanted to do this. Get a proper All-American Gas-guzzling beast or a large RV, roll the windows down and turn Bruce Springsteen up loud. Cruising through the desert = perfect travel fantasy.

Seriously though, it would be fantastic to drive from one coast to the other, wouldn’t it? Have you done this? We want to know if you have!

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4. Visit extremely remote islands

French Polynesia sounds excellent because it’s so far away from everything else. It’s also so cool that its islands cover an area of the ocean which is about the same size of Europe. It’s also amazing that many of these islands are just sand islands – little havens of tropical sand and colourful plants just poking out of the ocean.

It seems like the type of place where life is very laid back, and I need that right now. Please send your recommendations for small or remote islands!

Tropical beach, Mexico

Here’s a tropical beach that I have been to in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

5. Get a Working Holiday Visa in Australia before we turn 31

The idea of getting a Working Holiday Visa was what got us thinking about travelling in the first place. It made us realise that travelling could be sustainable. However, we’ve since realised that we already have enough money to support ourselves to travel long-term without being tied to one country for such a long time and having to pay $400 for the working holiday visa.

But, I’ve always dreamed of working in another country and Australia is pretty much as far away as is physically possible for us, so this opportunity would be too good to miss.

It’s only for people from certain countries and for those under the age of 30 (the Visa has to be issued before you turn 31). We are currently 29, and will both turn 30 during our trip.

6. Get a campervan in New Zealand and explore the country

We want to get a campervan in New Zealand specifically – it may be a small county, but there is a lot to see. Having a vehicle makes it easy to get around and visit the spots which are not well-served by public transport.

Also, New Zealand offer Working Holiday Visas too, so if we don’t get one for Australia then we may get one in New Zealand instead.

7. See elephants (but not ride them)

I love elephants. I think they are beautiful animals who have suffered extreme cruelty by the hand of us humans. It’s very difficult, travelling to places like South East Asia where I know that elephant rides are a tourist favourite, but I won’t ride them. It’s not just a moral stance against it, riding an elephant just doesn’t appeal to me.

We want to visit the Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is the only place we’ve found that does not let visitors ride the elephants. Visitors are not just paying guests, they’re volunteers for the day and their role is to look after the elephant’s welfare during their visit. They also take care of dogs, cats, birds and other animals at Elephant Nature Park.

Expect a few future blog posts and videos about this as I’m sure to get super excited! Thailand is the first country we’ll be visiting, so this should be one of the first things we do from this list.

8. Learn to Scuba Dive

Because there is so much more to this planet that what’s on the land! I’ve never dived before, but I want to learn. Alex on the other hand, is afraid of water so, perhaps we’ll start off with snorkelling. I am not afraid of water and I can swim so I’m very keen to do a PADI Open Water Dive course whilst we’re travelling. It will be an excellent skill to have and will mean being able to do more dives in other locations in the future.

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9. Explore more of our own country

I’m very lucky that I’ve gotten to travel all around Wales with my job. Alex has also walked from South to North Wales so we are actually fairly familiar with most of Wales.

Admittedly we haven’t explored much of the rest of the UK though which is somewhat shameful – but we’re hoping to change that!

Wales picture grid

Random pictures I’ve taken from around Wales

10. Make friends around the world

I love my friends here in Wales and I’m going to miss everyone. Having friends around the world is almost like having a home anywhere. It’s knowing that you always have a familiar face when you arrive in a city and knowing that you’ll always be welcome there.

It’s not even a challenge to stay in touch with friends oversees now, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, etc so there’s never an excuse for goodbyes to be final goodbyes when you’re travelling.

What are your travel goals?

Now that you know our travel goals, what are yours? Leave a comment below to join the conversation – we’d love to hear from you!

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Travel Goals for long-term travellers – where we’re hoping to go!



  • I’ve always wanted to visit an remote island and see the beautiful beaches. Having travel goals is key to actually going to the places we wanna go to.

  • Loved the post!!! Traveling is my passion and several of your travel goals are the same as mine!, I haven’t thought about the Working Holiday Visa in Australia but I’ll definitely try to do it before 31! Thanks for sharing!

  • Love this idea! I share so many of these travel goals!

  • Love your travel goals. Next up on our list is swimming with the pigs in the Exumas!! 🙂

  • I have always wanted to visit Nepal! I hear they have an amazing ministry program for the children out there!

  • Awesome goals! I share a lot of the same ones too. Hopefully I will be checking SE Asia off my list before the end of the year.

  • This is an awesome list. I especially like the campervan idea across New Zealand especially during their winter.

    Personally, my list is less about travel goals per se and more about my bucket list. Since my passion is about snowboarding/skiing it’s more about experiencing certain items that are rare and unique across North America:

    I would also add summer skiing in Chile and apres in Austria to this list as well.

  • This is a very awesome list! I love your last one, make friends around the world. I think thats such a great thing to accomplish. It never hurts to have a friend in a destination you love going to.

  • These are fantastic travel goals! I want to get a working holiday visa for Austrailia too. That has been one of my biggest goals since I was a kid.

  • Wonderful list of experiences! As a lover of world travel, I have to say my fondest memories are not laundry lists of places, but incredible adventures and random days spent lost in the thrill of it all. Never stop making your dreams come true, there’s always more places to explore!

  • Sounds so fantastic! I hope you get as many in as you can! i was lucky enough to sing on ships as a teen/early 20 year old and got to see a lot but would still love to do more!!

    • Excellent! I know a few other people who worked on cruise ships when the were young, it’s a very good way to travel and earn money at the same time 🙂

  • Some of my travel goals are in your list <3, great post and I think you've got a pretty awesome plan ahead. Good Luck and Safe Travels!
    From one travel addict to perhaps another 😉

  • Love this! I want to do all these things. I have done a cross country road trip, although it was in a small Volkswagen Jetta that was picked to the brim cause I was moving across the country. It was amazing though. America is so much more beautiful than people realize!

  • So many places I want to go now!

  • Love this! What a great list and I found myself checking it off while I was reading 🙂 By the way, great tip about not riding elephants. I did it in Bali, and I wrote a post on it recently calling travelers to avoid doing it. So harmful!

  • I so need to make a list of my travel goals soon… so many places I want to go! Your list is awesome!

  • OMG your list is brilliant. I am from India so South East Asia is pretty much like home to me so I know when you say temples! I want visit at least 10 cities in each continent before I turn 40 (I am 30 btw)! Let’s see how that goes 🙂

  • We have almost the same travel goals:D I love to travel with my hubby and now our son will join to us so we need to choose carefully all our destinations

  • I live in the foothills of North Carolina and I have never taken a road trip farther than 5 hours (that’s my max and I was forced to do it as a child). We actually drove up to the mountains today and it’s about 1 hour 20 mins and I was getting antsy at the 1 hour mark LOL

    There is no way I would drive across the USA – I just can’t – my attention span is barely long enough to make it to the market much less California!

    PS – I love your kitty on your instagram, sooo cute!!

  • This post is great! Appreicate your goals. I personally want to go to New Zealand and Australia and the pyramids in Egypt.

  • Great goals! I hope you make it each and every one of them. I have similar goals but me and my husband we are a little older than you and the older we get the less he wants to travel…so I guess I have to keep insisting to hit as many as we can sooner rather then later

  • Great list! I have several of these on my list as well 🙂 Good luck completing it!

  • I really love this idea, I love to travel more with my family and friends I bet this is so much fun.

  • Nice travel goals. Also it’s great to find another great Welsh travel blogger!!!
    Where in Wales are you from? I’m from Anglesey in the North but moving to Cardiff in August after travelling round India and Asia.
    We’re currently in Siem Reap in Cambodia and of course you’ll love it because Angkor Wat is right next to the lively little city. Let me know if you want any more info!
    Excited to watch your blog grow,

    • Hi Sarah, thank you so much for your comment, I really enjoy your blog! I’m from Cardiff, lived here most of my life but that’s about to change 🙂 I travel all around Wales with my job and I love it but we’re a very small country… hope you’re enjoying your travels in Asia, I’m so jealous – that’s where I want to be 🙂 x

  • The friends around the world, Southeast Asia and trip across the U.S.A. all sound like amazing things. I would love to do all three when I get the chance.

  • #1 on my list is Bora Bora! Have to check that off at some point.

  • Absolutely love this post!!! You’ve got some amazing travel goals! I, myself, would love to visit south asia & get a working holidays to Australia!! I’m quite also interested by Canada and it’s definitely on my to-do list once I’m done visiting europe!

    I am actually a french who lives in the UK (only for the year) so I’ve been doing a lot of travelling to the UK and I love it ! Ive been to a few cities (manchester/liverpool/cardiff/oxford/brighton, etc…) and loved it ! Im planning a trip to scotland & ireland next! Funny how we always go far to see other countries but we don’t really know our own!

  • I hadn’t realized that I had not thought about my travels beyond 2018. This list made me think way outside the box. Thanks!

  • This is a great list, I think everyone should have one. Travelling is education, gets us out of our comfort zones and opens up minds. The world would be a different place if we all had lists like this. Plus I love you have an aspiration to explore more of the UK. Our island is certainly gorgeous.

  • Wow. It’s amazing website. I Love your blog.