4 TEDx Talks that will inspire you to travel

Inspirational travel videos TEDx

When you’re looking for inspiration or positivity, TED/TEDx Talks are great places to start. If you search for inspirational travel videos on YouTube, you’ll likely be greeted by tens of thousands of results, featuring smiling young faces against a variety of incredible backdrops. You’ll probably find stunning 4k drone footage of awe-inspiring landscapes or remote islands. Perhaps a few montages […]

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Beg-packing and busking: what’s the deal?

Beg-packing and busking

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Over the past couple of weeks, there have been several pictures shared on social media, various articles circulated online and a lot of chat on travel forums and in Facebook Groups. Begging backpackers. Backpackers who are begging. Beg-packers and/or illegal buskers (and another portmanteau). ‘Beg-packing’ refers to western travellers visiting less-developed countries and busking, selling goods […]

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