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Life Begins With Travel

Hello! You’re new here and so am I… this is the first post on this brand new travel blog, Life Begins With Travel. This blog is about travelling, exploring and wandering around new places. Later this year we (my boyfriend and I) will be leaving our home in Wales, UK to explore South East Asia, Australia, South America and hopefully many other places.

In this blog I will document all aspects of our journey, from making our travel plans, saving money, organising, itineraries, wishlist/travel bucket list, gadgets and sharing our experiences & various escapades with you all!

Alex & Tamsin

Alex & Tamsin

General things about me

  1. My name is Tamsin, I’m 29 years old and live in Cardiff, South Wales (UK)
  2. I currently work in the Business Development & Consultancy Team for a Charity in Wales, part of my job is to share innovation and good practice across the public and third sector
  3. I’ve previously worked in retail, admin, direct sales and marketing
  4. I’ve been practising pole dance for fitness for 6 years
  5. I live in a flat with Alex, my long-term boyfriend and we’ve been together for over 5 years
  6. In 5 months’ time, we are moving out of our flat and temporarily moving back in with our parents (!!) for a short while before flying out of the UK to begin our adventure
  7. I have a welsh accent which sounds a lot stronger when I go outside of Wales
  8. My favourite colour is purple
  9. My star sign is Aquarius. Alex is a Capricorn. Apparently we’re incompatible.

Where are we going?

Everywhere! Well, many different places. We’re still planning which destinations to visit, make sure you subscribe to this blog or follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with our plans. Also, suggestions. We love suggestions.

We’ll be starting our trip in South East Asia and spending a good few months exploring several countries; Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia & The Philippines. Then we’ll probably stop in Australia to visit my dad (who lives there) before spending some time in New Zealand. That’s as far as our plan goes at the moment.

There are also places in North America, South America, Europe and Africa on the wishlist but there’s far too many to list here. I’ll be writing ‘wanderlust’ posts for travel inspiration so let’s hope we’ll get to visit all of these amazing places and share everything here for you to get inspired 🙂  Maybe we can all meet up in some far-away country soon?

Everything is extremely open at the moment and we’re very open to suggestions of where to visit so make sure you leave a comment before you go elsewhere.

Why are we going?

Both Alex & I have worked hard to earn a decent (but modest) income and we’ve both pretty much worked solidly since we were old enough to get jobs and never had the opportunity to travel anywhere for longer than a few weeks. We’ve managed to save enough money to fund about a year of full-time travel.

We were both brought up in Cardiff and lived here for most of our lives, whilst we do like it here, there’s this niggling feeling that the world is too large a place to settle in one relatively small city that we’ve already spent the best part of 29 years in.

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I’ve been fortunate enough to visit countries such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, Romania, The Netherlands, Dominican Republic and Mexico and the best times of my life have been related to travelling or being at festivals.

Wales is such a beautiful country, it really is stunning. I’m lucky enough to have a job that has allowed me travel all over Wales and even by doing that – in this tiny country – I have learnt and experienced such incredible things and I know there is so much more out there to explore.

We’re both also very active and love spending time camping or being outdoors, Alex has completed several hikes of over 150 miles. He’s walked from Cardiff to Mount Snowdon and then climbed it in the worst possible weather. He also walked from Central London to Cardiff in just 5 days.

We’ll hopefully be going on lots of long walks during our adventures later this year 🙂

Practising on my friend's outdoor pole in Portugal

Practising on my friend’s outdoor pole in Portugal

What are we going to do once we’ve gone?

I’ll be hopefully be doing a PADI Scuba Diving course at some point and we want to go on some challenging hikes with the reward of epic views. We are considering the option of a ‘Working Holiday Visa’ in Australia or New Zealand as you have to be under 30 in order to get one, we’ll both be 30 when we arrive! If we opt for that type of visa it will obviously allow us to earn money whilst travelling which will be incredibly useful.

We still have so many decisions to make which is why you should follow this blog and if you have any valuable advice for us, please comment to let us know because we really want to hear from you.

I’ll be working remotely for some of the time with freelance writing, data entry and social media management.

Update October 2017: Since writing this, our plans have changed. For various reasons, this didn’t happen. Find out why here.

What is ‘Life Begins With Travel’ about?

This blog is our place to share what we’ve learnt with our friends, family and anyone else who loves travel. Whilst we’re on the road I’ll regularly update this blog to share what we’ve been up to. However as we’re not leaving for another few months… I’ll be writing about my previous travel experiences and inspiration, places we’ve visited as well as documenting the planning process from reducing our possessions, packing our bags and planning our ultimate adventures and activities for when we get to the various places.

Life Begins with travel dot come written in sand - our brand new travel blog documenting our travel plans and adventures

Get involved

Are you an experienced traveller who wants to impart some knowledge? We would love to hear your suggestions for our travels; where to go, places to stay and eat etc – throw them at me!

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Escapades so far, with many more to come

Escapades so far, with many more to come


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