Liebster Award – Our Second Blogging Award

Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is the second blogging award given to us by another blogger! Yet again, we’re absolutely delighted that people are enjoying the content here on Life Begins With Travel and we’re so excited to accept this double nomination!

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I’ve spent most of the past month being really, really ill. You’ll be pleased to know that I’m much better now and everything is back to ‘normal’ (well, as normal as things could be, at least). Our travel plans have not changed and we’re extremely excited about the future and the future of this blog.

First of all – a huge thank you to both of the blogs who nominated us for this Liebster Award:

Both of these blogs have beautifully written content with stunning photos, they’re both packed full of useful travel tips and advice – I highly recommend subscribing to these guys. If you enjoy this blog, you’ll enjoy theirs even more 🙂

The Award

It may not be a physical prize, but like the Blogger Recognition Award, it’s for bloggers to recognise each other, build networks, opportunities for collaboration and help expand each other’s audiences.

Liebster Award

If you’re nominated, and choose to accept the nomination – here are the ‘rules’ that we’re following:

  1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your site;
  2. Display the award on your site;
  3. Answer their questions about yourself;
  4. Nominate 5 – 10 other bloggers for the award and inform them via social media;
  5. Create your own set of questions for your nominees.

So, here’s the added challenge – we received two nominations, both from excellent bloggers with a great set of questions! We will answer both sets of questions as they’re completely different, where the answers are similar, they’re merged  together for readability’s sake. So, here goes…

The 1st set of questions from Elle, Dressing Danishly:

Have you ever travelled anywhere you were disappointed by? Why?

This is really difficult to answer, as we both love travelling to places and even if the reality doesn’t meet our expectations, we still haven’t been disappointed by any destination. But, we’re still right at the beginning of our journey and haven’t made a dent in our list of travel goals, we have so much more to discover, which is bound to include some disappointment along the way! When this happens, we will definitely come back and update this answer.

If you could only visit one more country, where would it be?

New Zealand. We’ve never been before but it seems to have everything we want to see within a single country. It’s also about as far away from my home as physically possible; when we go to New Zealand next year, we’ll literally be on the other side of the world and we’re so excited!

Do you prefer to travel by plane, train or bus?

Alex & I have different answers for this one; I like travelling on the bus as it costs less and you see more through the window than you can on trains or planes. Alex on the other hand, hates trains and buses and planes ‘hurt his ears’ so basically, Alex isn’t a fan of public transport (but he’s going to have to get used to it).

Which city do you think has the best fashion?

Right ok, when it comes to fashion I’m totally clueless. We both go for comfort over style and most of our clothes are from eBay or charity shops. I don’t personally know which brands are good and which are less-good. But, after reading Elle’s blog – it seems Scandinavian countries are very fashionable!

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Hotels v hostels: which team are you on?

Travelling as a couple – we’d have to say hotels. It often works out better value for a couple to share a private room as opposed to a dorm room. However, on our long-term travel adventure we will be staying in a variety of both hostels, hotels and short-term rentals.

If you were to write a book about travel, what would you call it?

If I were to write a travel-related book, it would be to encourage and inspire others to travel! I would probably call it “Go wander! Get lost!” (Copyright, me 2017 – hah) and it would be a series of shorts stories.

Are there any downsides to travelling?

Not being able to keep pets is the biggest downside to the travelling, it’s a shame that travelling with a pet is not more accessible. It would be challenging to travel long-term with a dog or cat, but it would be worth it!

You’ve got a free one-way ticket to anywhere in the world: where would you pick?

Somewhere extremely remote – the South Pacific islands of Fiji or French Polynesia, or basically anywhere that is peaceful and has unspoiled scenery and doesn’t get too cold!

Any nightmare stories you can share whilst travelling?

Nothing too nightmare-ish; but I recently shared a story about how I was harassed by a creepy strange man whilst staying alone in a hotel! It was all fine, he was just acting like a creep by loitering outside my room but he left. Read about it here.

What are your blogging dreams for 2017?

Just to continue writing content on Life Begins With Travel and for people to enjoy it. In case you can’t tell, I (Tamsin) do most of the work on this blog and I would love it if Alex would get more involved and gain confidence with his writing and photography.

Where are you heading to next?

We have a one-way ticket to Thailand and we’re leaving in October! We have some travel plans in the UK in the meantime, we’ll be heading to some festivals throughout the summer!

The 2nd set of questions from Jade & Kev, Two Tall Travellers:

What piece of advice would you give a newbie traveller?

Learn how to keep yourself entertained. Travelling may be a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of waiting around, queuing, sitting still for a long time etc – it’s no use being impatient during these situations, you need to make the best of it and accept what’s going on. Yes – it’s frustrating and yes – we all have places to go but there’s nothing you can do to make your journey faster, so chill!

Tell us your best culinary experience whilst travelling?

After spending a few weeks camping in Portugal last year, we headed to Lisbon for a few days before flying home. We decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal somewhere and, as a vegetarian and Portugal being a country which eats a lot of meat, I thought I’d be at a loss.

We found an amazing vegetarian restaurant – PSI Restaurante Vegeteraiano, about 15 minutes’ walk from Bairro Alto and had the best food we’d had in Portugal by far (and we’d been at a music festival, with lots of incredible food).

Seriously, if you’re in Lisbon you need to check this place out, whether you’re a vegetarian or not!

What is the best view you have had on your travels?

Both Alex & I love sunsets, scenes where the sky is a crazy colour, or the night sky where the stars look new and different. Here are some of our most memorable sunsets:


The sky can be so sexy!

How long do you want to commit to travel?

Simple answer: as long as there’s something new to see!

Long(er) answer: for as long as it’s practical for us to travel and we are currently making travel a priority.

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What is one thing you couldn’t live without whilst travelling?

Definitely my phone, I would certainly find it very hard to travel without it! I need to have access to maps and local information or I would get completely lost. I seriously don’t know how I’d cope without being able to look up local information on-the-go!

Where is the next place you want to visit?

Well, our next flight is to Thailand, so South East Asia is where we’re going! We’re also going to a few festivals in the UK over the next few months.

Do you prefer slow travel or lots of shorter trips?

All we’ve really known is shorter trips, but when we have been on the occassional longer trip, we’ve enjoyed it a lot more which is why we’ve decided to travel long-term instead of going on lots of holidays.

Have you ever had a bad travel experience?

As above – being harrassed by a creepy stranger when I was staying alone in a hotel!

Are you a budget traveller or do you like to save up and splurge?

We will be travelling on a budget when we leave on our adventure around the world! However, we will occassionally splurge – both of us will have our 30th birthdays within the first few months of our trip and we’ll definitely be lavish on those occassions.

What first gave you the travel bug?

Honestly, the travel bug bit us when we simply got bored. We’ve spent our teenage years and our twenties just working all the time and travel was never on the cards. A couple of years ago we were chatting and just… decided that travelling long-term is feasible, more than possible and something we both want to do so, we’re doing it!


Phew! Those are the 20 (!) questions answered, I hope you’ve learnt a little more about us from reading our answers 🙂

Our nominations

This was so much fun – choosing other blogs to nominate! Here are the bloggers we’re passing the Liebster Award on to:

  1. Lost Lara – Absolutely love this blog, Lara explores the dark, strange and unusual places of the world.
  2. Mason vs. The World – Mason is very entertaining, his blog posts are very honest and he’s an excellent storyteller!
  3. Her Travel Journey – Ana’s blog is brand new, yet she is very well-travelled and her bilingual blog is full of great advice and photos.
  4. ARW Travels – Alberto is also extremely well-travelled and his blog is full of inspirational travel advice and stunning photos.
  5. Claire Bear Blogs – Claire’s travel, food and lifestyle blog is something which you could read for hours and I love her writing style.
  6. Festival Dad Blog – Phill blogs about live music, gigs and festivals – we love festivals (and GC/TWFTPU banter 😉 ) and not enough bloggers write about festivals!

And our questions for these bloggers (should they choose to accept the award) are below:

  1. What is your most memorable childhood travel experience?
  2. What is the best festival experience you’ve ever had?
  3. Where, in your opinion, is the most overrated destination, attraction or place you’ve ever been to?
  4. 3 songs which remind you of your travel adventures:
  5. What festival (anywhere in the world) is top of your list to go one day?
  6. What’s the best and worst food, dishes or delicacies you’ve tried when travelling?
  7. What’s the first thing you do when you arrive in a hotel room?
  8. What would be your ideal road-trip, anywhere in the world?
  9. If you could travel through time, which year would you choose (past or future)?
  10. Would you rather go on a year-long-trip, or 12 separate, month-long trips?

So, Lara, Mason, Ana, Alberto, Claire and Phill; I look forward to reading your answers to these questions! Thanks for reading!



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