We are leaving in exactly 4 months

4 months to go until we travel long-term

In exactly 4 months, we are leaving the UK with a one-way ticket and will be travelling long-term until our money runs out. Well, that’s the plan anyway. It may seem like a long way off but time is moving swiftly, especially as we’ve made a lot of progress towards sorting our lives out.

Update October 2017: Since writing this, our plans have changed. For various reasons, this didn’t happen. Find out why here.

When we launched Life Begins With Travel just a few months ago, the speed at which time passes completely escaped us.

Back in April, we wrote a ‘6 months to go update‘ and we’d done literally nothing, besides booking a one-way flight to Thailand.

So much has changed already.

Last month, we published another update, when there was ‘5 months to go‘ until we leave to go travelling. In the space of a month, I’d gone from being totally healthy to having surgery and an entirely separate episode of chronic pain, which temporarily changed my perspective.

That was then, and this is now. 

I’m no longer in constant and severe pain which is the most important thing.

4 months to go until we travel long-term Pinterest

We’ve got so much to do in the next 4 months to prepare for our trip! We have to move house, save some extra cash and much more before we’ll be ready to leave.

Moving out

Before we can get seriously going with our travel plans, we need to move out of our rented home which is happening in just a few weeks! We’ve made real progress towards moving, the process is so far proving to be completely stress-free!

But, we are moving in with family and don’t have the added pressure of having to do everything in one day.

Our work schedules are hectic over the next few weeks. So, we’ve already started packing away our home. It certainly is astounding how much stuff you accumulate when you’ve lived in the same place for 5 years.

It’s also extremely surreal, but somewhat liberating to walk around your home with fewer items on the shelves.

We’ve only kept essential items at home, for now; you know, the stuff we need to actually survive. Everything with an entirely ornamental purpose has gone.

Tamsin Sorting through just a small collection of our shiny things

Sorting through just a small collection of our shiny things

When we say ‘gone’, we’ve given away or sold as much as possible, anything we’re desperate to keep has been carefully packed away, and will be kept safe for us until we return home.

We have a few festivals and camping trips coming up this summer, so we’ve had to keep that in mind whilst putting our stuff into storage.

In our next monthly update, we’ll have moved out of here and everything will be moving a lot faster by then!

What else have we been up to?

Saving money

This has been a challenge, as we’ve had some private medical bills to pay recently, but surprisingly we’ve still managed to save at least some money overall. It’s just not as much as we’d hoped.

If we can have a frugal July, then we’re still on track for our savings target, but it will be tough.

Not having to pay rent will be a great start!

Decisions, decisions!

Ok, we keep changing our mind. We keep adding new places to our list of travel goals for this trip. It’s getting quite ridiculous.

Ultimately, we’ll be leaving for South East Asia, spend a few months and decide where to go from there. It’s hard to not get carried away and thinking about how to get from place A to place B.

Some countries require a Visa, whereas others give Visas on arrival, so it is important for us to know in advance which countries we’ll be visiting and whether we’ll need a visa or not.

We’re also still 50/50 on getting a Working Holiday Visa for either Australia or New Zealand. It feels like a long commitment as we don’t know how long we’ll be travelling for or whether we’ll both be able to find suitable jobs. On the other hand, we’re both nearly 30 and won’t have to opportunity to do so again. We still have enough time to make up our minds!

What’s next?

We’re still a little bit behind, we haven’t properly looked into vaccinations yet and we haven’t booked onward travel out of Thailand either. Mainly because we can’t make our mind up as to whether we get a flight to Vietnam or a bus to Cambodia – we’ll probably decide this a few days before we leave, seriously!

Once we’ve moved out, we can focus purely on travel and continue to grow our blog.

Life Begins With Travel has exceeded our expectations, when we launched this blog we had no idea whether anyone would actually read it or not. It turns out, that several hundred people are reading each post and, according to Google analytics we are getting a lot of returning visitors and a good bounce rate.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading and for keeping up to date with our blog. We really do appreciate it!

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